Fairfield Publishes Floodplain Mgmt Plan Review as Part of Participation in FEMA’s Community Rating Program

Fairfield, CT - First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick announced today that an updated review of Fairfield’s Floodplain Management Plan is available for public review on the Town’s Plan and Zoning Department webpage under the Forms and Documents tab. Fairfield’s flood reduction action items are located within MetroCOG’s multi-town Hazard Mitigation Plan, adopted in 2019, which is available at https://rebrand.ly/metrocog-floodprotection.

Town staff from multiple departments, as well as the Fairfield’s Flood Erosion Control Board, collaborated to review action items including prevention, property protection, floodplain management regulation, structural, natural systems protection, education and awareness, and emergency management initiatives to help reduce Fairfield’s future flood risk, protect lives, and reduce property damage. Town Plan and Zoning staff presented the update to the Board of Selectmen at its February 22, 2021 meeting.

The Town recently adopted new policy initiatives as part of the recently adopted Hazard Mitigation Plan including:

  • Downtown Green Infrastructure projects completed to include adding portions of pervious pavement at the train station parking lot, completing the Sherman Green drainage project, and a dry well installation on Sanford Street;
  • Advancing the South Benson pump station through final design and applying for grant funds for construction;
  • Construction of the earthen berm and bulkhead to protect the Town’s Waste Water Treatment Facility; and
  • Working with a consultant to study the Rooster River corridor and develop stormwater retention projects. 

The Town of Fairfield participates in FEMA’s voluntary Community Rating System (CRS) which awards a rating to communities that go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood plain management requirements.  Fairfield’s floodplain management efforts result in a 10 percent discount for its 2,202 policyholders or approximately $362,910 in annual savings. Fairfield is only one of thirteen communities in the State that currently participates in the program. 


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