Fairfield Fire Dept. Responds to Large Tree Down on House

FAIRFIELD, CT: At 6:18 AM on Thursday August 10, the Fairfield Fire Department received a report that a large tree had fallen on a home and that there was an occupant who had been injured.

Upon arrival at the scene, emergency response personnel indeed found a very large tree on the home. It had caused significant structural damage. Emergency personnel also located and removed the occupant of the home, treated her for her injuries and turned her over to AMR for transport to a local hospital.

Assistant Chief Schuyler Sherwood stated, "While there were injuries and significant damage to the home, this situation could have been much worse.” 

This incident was one of three serious incidents that that fire department responded to over the previous twenty four hours. 

On Wednesday at around 2pm, firemen responded to a report of a construction worker who had fallen about 20 feet from a ladder at 60 Osborne Lane. The worker was found on the ground with serious injuries, treated by emergency personnel and transported to the hospital by AMR. The Department of Labor was advised of this accident.

Later the same evening, firemen responded to a report of a Volunteer Firefighter from Ansonia having a medical emergency while training at Fairfield's Regional Fire Training Center. Fire personnel, AMR and Police treated the firefighter, who had a life threatening condition, and he was then transported to the hospital with the assistance of fire personnel.  

"The Fairfield Fire Department continually trains in order to be prepared for all types of life threatening emergencies,” commented Assistant Chief Sherwood.

In fact, over the past week, fire department personnel have been training with the Coast Guard on Long Island Sound to be better prepared for water rescue emergencies. This training focused on how to conduct coordinated search patterns to rapidly rescue individuals on the water that have been involved in a water emergency. It is this advance planning and constant training that keeps fire department personnel ready to respond in any situation. It is extremely important that boaters, kayakers, and users of other types of water craft take proper precautions such as using life jackets and sharing travel plans with someone on shore before they go out on the water. 



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