Fairfield Health Dept. Provides Update on Specific Fill Site Testing

Fairfield, CT - The following provides a December 13th update from the Health Department on site specific and supplemental fill use testing sites. For more information or questions on the fill pile and site testing, please e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or contact the Health Department at 203-256-3020. 

Site Specific Updates:

Burroughs Park: All work is complete.  The remediation work has been completed and the area has been backfilled.

Gould Manor Park:  The majority of the areas designated in the Remediation Action Plan (RAP) have been excavated, backfilled and no additional work is needed.  There are two remaining areas where additional excavation work is necessary due to arsenic elevations.  One area is along the fencing adjacent to the sidewalk in the baseball field end of the park.  The other area is near the pond. Additional confirmation and delineation samples have been collected. We expect excavation work to resume in these areas on December 18th.

Jennings Beach: Additional delineation samples have been collected and we are waiting for the results.

Jennings Elementary School:  The initial excavation of soils and removal of wood containing arsenic was completed on Saturday 11/23/19.  Samples to determine if all affected soils had been removed were submitted to the lab and results indicated that additional excavation is needed.  The additional excavation is expected to occur this weekend.  The initial backfill material proposed to be used was sampled and did not meet the standards specified.  The contractor has identified backfill material from another source and Tighe and Bond has sampled it and we are waiting for the results to ensure it meets the standards specified.

McKinley Elementary School: Additional delineation samples will be collected within the next week.

Mill Hill School:  Additional delineation samples have been collected and we are waiting for the results.

Osborn Hill School:  The area surrounding the parking lot has been covered with a protective fabric to limit any contact with the soil.  Additional delineation samples have been collected and we are waiting for the results.

Supplemental Fill Use Testing Sites:  A sampling plan is being developed by Tighe and Bond with site reviews of the remaining 7 sites starting on 12/13/19.  Sampling of remaining sites on the Supplemental List will begin within the next two weeks.


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