Fairfield’s Package Stores Partner with Fairfield CARES to Keep Kids Safe from Alcohol

Fairfield, CT - Fairfield’s package stores are once again collaborating with the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition to prevent and reduce underage drinking in the community.  During the latter half of December and throughout the month of January, liquor stores will be distributing “consumer cards” that describe the risks of underage drinking and remind adults of CT’s social host laws.  To help parents have a conversation with their children about delaying alcohol use, the package stores are making available at their registers’ sleeves of Fairfield CARES’ “liquor locks”, stickers that can be put around the opening of a bottle, as demonstrated by Michael Urban of the Wine Zone, a liquor store located at the Hi-Ho Hotel on the Black Rock Turnpike, and Emma Wikman from Mo’s Wine & Spirits at 953 Post Road:

While the percentage of Fairfield youth who drank alcohol in the past month has dropped significantly since 2008, 38% to 15% in 2021 (7th-12th graders), way too many youth are drinking.  When teens get their license in 10th grade, that is when we begin to see the increase in drinking.  In the spring of 2021, 13% of FPS 10th graders reported drinking in the past month, that percentage jumped to 36% in 12th grade.  And, disturbingly, 10% of FPS  8th graders reported drinking in the past month. 

Fairfield CARES knows that parents want the best for their children.  Drinking is one activity that Fairfield CARES hopes parents encourage their children to delay until their adolescent brains are fully developed. “Talk They Hear You” is a media campaign that may be helpful to parents  and can be found at www.fairfieldct.org/fairfieldcares.

Fairfield CARES thanks the following package stores for participating in the “Let’s Mention Prevention” initiative: AJ’s Warehouse Liquor Store, Brooklawn Discount Liquor, Corner Keg & Spirits, Fairfield Station Wines, Fairfield Wines & Spirits, Grasmere Discount Liquor, Greenfield Hill Liquor Market, Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market, In High Spirits, Kindred Spirits & Wine of Fairfield, Mo’s Wine & Spirits, Pequot Liquor, Stratfield Wine & Liquor, That’s the Spirit, Turnpike Spirit Shop, Villa Wine & Spirits, Wine Rack, and Wine Zone.


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