CT BBB Scam Alert: CT BBB Imposter


CROMWELL, CT — Better Business Bureau is warning businesses and consumers that if they receive an email claiming to be from Norton LifeLock Inc to exercise caution. 
A 71-year-old California woman recently received one of these emails and called the number thinking it was in fact from LifeLock. Once on the line, the scammer convinced her it was time renew her subscription and they would help her by logging onto her computer. She did. The conversation then turned to the scammer stating he wanted to verify he was with LifeLock and would print out a letter that appeared to be from a Connecticut BBB address, signed by our CEO – using the victim’s printer.
The scammer then had the victim log into her bank account, stating he had overcharged her and would refund the money if she entered a special code that the scammer sent to her computer. She entered it and it appeared in her account as bitcoin. Then, she started getting suspicious.
While keeping the scammer on the phone, she went to a nearby friend’s house, called BBB for guidance, Norton to see if the letter was in fact from them, and her bank to verify if the scammer’s claims were legitimate.
Once the victim knew the claims were not true, she hung up the phone, and turned off her computer. Unfortunately, since the impostor had her cell number, he started to text her as well.
All in all, the scammer used a phishing email, posed as a BBB imposter, a Norton imposter, used a remote computer takeover often used in tech support scams, a cryptocurrency scam, and then smishing – sending fake texts pretending to be someone else.
NortonLifeLock Inc, is a BBB Accredited Business and is aware of the situation saying in a statement, “On May 12, 2022, BBB received a notice that the business’s name is being used by scammers who are impersonating BBB. The imposter sent letters impersonating BBB and Norton LifeLock Inc. in a scheme to demand money from consumers. Please be advised that BBB does not send out mailers to consumers in regards to payments/collections for a business."
The business asks consumers to review the 'Important tips to help you avoid fraudulent Norton support scams’ page of their website for guidance and tips on how to avoid scams: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v105274822
BBB does sometimes reach out to consumers and businesses via U.S. Mail; however, BBB will never ask for passwords, information to access your personal device, or personal information in a letter. 
The victim has indicated she is willing to do media interviews. Please use the media contact information below if you would like to speak with her or set up an interview with BBB Serving CT.
Find more tips about impostor scams and how they work on BBB.org






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