Community Watch Signs Go Up in Fairfield's Mary Katona Open Space After Drug Debris Found

Fairfield, CT - Community residents who live near the Mary Katona Open Space are watching! 

After finding a significant amount of marijuana and vape debris in the Mary Katona Open Space, a parent who likes to take his young children hiking there contacted the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition for help. Fairfield CARES alerted the Fairfield Police, as well as the Holland Hill Elementary School Principal and their PTA president, to inform other families who live in the area.

A letter was circulated to neighbors to make them aware that their local hiking trail was being favored for illicit drug use. With permission from the Fairfield Conservation Department, Fairfield CARES purchased two Community Watch signs which are now posted at either end of the Mary Katona Open Space. The signs will help to deter young people from using the wooded area for their marijuana use and will let them know that neighbors are keeping a look-out. 

The Fairfield CARES Community Coalition thanks Fairfield Police Chief Robert Kalamaras and Tim Bishop, Director of the Fairfield Conservation Department for their help in keeping the area safe.

The Fairfield CARES Community Coalition is the Local Prevention Council for the Town of Fairfield. It was established in 2009 and its mission is to prevent substance misuse, foster social and emotional wellness and resilience among youth, young adults, and families. The Coalition builds capacity, mobilizes the Fairfield community, and develops comprehensive strategies to help families make healthy choices that allow youth and young adults to thrive.


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