Mental Health Resources For You & Your Family

Fairfield, CT - The prevalence of anxiety has been one of the lasting impacts of living in a “Covid-world”.  While anxiety is a normal part of living, life isn’t quite normal like it used to be.  The tension between what was and what is can create anxiety.  Life has changed, or perhaps our perception of life has changed. Uncertainty has always been part of our lives; it’s part of our human experience.  Life doesn’t always go our way, right?  That can be a tough lesson for children to grasp.  It can be particularly hard when a parent is feeling anxious, tense and unsure.  Parents can’t help their children when they themselves are hurting.  An important lesson parents can demonstrate to their kids is to reach out and get help when you are hurting.  What do we do when we are physically hurting? We make an appointment to see our doctor.  The same should be true for when we are mentally or emotionally hurting. 

Below are members of the Fairfield CARES Community Coalition who are mental/emotional health providers; they may be helpful to you, your children, and/or your family:

Support groups can be another helpful resource.  They reinforce that you are not alone with your feelings and struggles. The Hub has a list of support groups, in particular, Parent Connection, which provides several parent support groups in the area. Their flyer is below. They can be contacted at (203) 270-1600.


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