This is SNOW Important: Let’s Make FCBuzz Accessible for ALL

With the first significant snowstorm of the season predicted to hit FCBuzz this weekend, we would like to remind local businesses of ADA regulations in regard to parking and store access. Please remember to maintain the accessible parking spaces and pathways on PRIVATE and TOWN-OWNED business properties. 

All accessible parking spaces should be cleared and made available when the rest of the lots are being cleared and ideally, as soon as possible. Accessible parking spaces should not be used to collect snow for later removal! This is worth repeating. Accessible parking spaces should not be used to collect snow for later removal!

Please note that snow-covered spaces STILL do not mean that you can park in available accessible parking spots if you do not have an Accessible Parking Permit.

A single wheelchair requires at least a 36" path, therefore please ensure a path that is at least this wide. Clear passages should include curb cuts.

Please help by sharing this information with business owners and the public so FCBuzz is accessible for all during the winter months.

Any facility offering parking for employees or visitors must provide accessible parking for people with disabilities. An accessible parking space consists of vehicle space and a diagonally striped access aisle. The entire space must be kept clear of obstructions— including ice, snow, shopping cart corrals, trash cans, seasonal garden displays, and bicycle racks—at all times - ADA

For more information, please click here.



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