Facebook Book Marketing

Ten Book Marketing Tips for Facebook --Judy Cullins, Book Coach. Are you stuck on where to share the good news about your book? Maybe you think Social Media is a waste of time. And, you may be kicking and screaming about the social media learning curve. I did that too, when social media was in its youth. From the time I joined Twitter over 7 years ago, then moved to Facebook with book coaching tips on my Facebook page, then to LinkedIn with my book group, I’ve learned the ways to bigger book sales. I’d say all three work for book marketing, but you may need to change your approach with Facebook. See the tips at: http://bookcoaching.com/wp/10-facebook-marketing-tips-to-sell-yourbook/? goback=%2Egde_3874176_member_258183271 Courtesy of Dan Poynter & Para Publishing


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