Christ Church Greenwich New 4,639 Pipe Organ Installation Has Begun

Christ Church Greenwich is thrilled to announce that installation of their new 4,639 pipe, two-chamber organ has begun. They are looking forward to celebrating the inauguration of the new organ in October of this year with a gala opening recital in October 2022, followed by a year of musical celebrations.

The new instrument is being built in Durham, England by Harrison & Harrison, one of the largest firms of organ builders in the world. They have built some of the most magnificent cathedral organs including Westminster Abbey, King’s College Cambridge and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The new Christ Church organ will be an extraordinary instrument to serve the entire community of Christ Church, the town of Greenwich, and musicians that come from all over the world.  It is designed to fill the church with bass sound and encourage congregational singing. It will be the centerpiece for the six active choirs at CCG, concerts, and weekly worship. We anticipate the instrument, in common with other Harrison & Harrison organs, to last for several generations.

Christ Church Music is a renowned world-class RSCM-certified church music program. A model of the Anglican choral tradition with a rich history and global reach, we offer six active choirs, concerts, tours, and a vibrant teen scholar program.

You can follow the ongoing photos of the fascinating installation: FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/MusicChristChurch/

If you are a lover of music and wish to donate to help Christ Church fund the organ, It’s not too late. Join the more than 100 other supporters who have contributed financially to provide this important new musical asset for the entire community. By doing so, you will enable people of all ages, near and far, to lift their voices in times of commemoration and celebration.


For more information on the organ, please click here


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