Sound Beach Avenue Bridge Closure Announcement

The Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works is announcing that major construction on the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge will commence on April 11, 2022. A temporary vehicular detour utilizing Harding Road and Forest Avenue will be in effect from April 11, 2022, to July 1, 2022. Pedestrians will be routed through Binney Park during construction. 

With approximately 14,500 vehicles using the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge every day, this is a critical project that will replace a deteriorating bridge built in 1925. The existing bridge will be replaced by a single-span precast concrete structure. Eliminating the center pier will increase the hydraulic efficiency of the bridge. Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques will be utilized in this project, which can significantly reduce road closure time. To complement the scenic area, the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge will match the look of the Wesskum Wood Road Bridge and pedestrian bridges within Binney Park, by installing a masonry fascia comprised of rounded stones, deep grout, and capstones. The three primary purposes of this bridge are to support traffic traveling on Sound Beach Avenue, allow water to flow from Cider Mill Brook into Binney Pond, and allow pedestrians to safely travel to and from their destination.

Vehicular detour route: Harding Road and Forest Avenue

Pedestrian detour route: Binney Park

Project Improvement Features:
• Correct existing structural and functional deficiencies of the bridge.
• Relocate the sidewalk to the interior of the bridge and eliminate the old wooden pedestrian bridge.
• New curbing and sidewalk near the bridge.
• Additional drainage to improve run-off.
• Elimination of the bridge’s middle pier to improve hydraulic efficiency.
• New pavement and repaved markings on portions of Sound Beach Avenue near the bridge.
• Utilities better hidden from public view.

Construction plans were prepared by Weston & Sampson, of Rocky Hill, CT and the contractor for this project is A. Vitti Excavators, LLC of Stamford, CT. Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works Senior Civil Engineer, Gabriella Circosta Cohee, is the project manager for the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge Project.


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