Nick Vianna author of Ten Tidal Tales live in Rye and Bronxville

Local author/illustrator presents "TEN TIDAL TALES"

Want a light-hearted, engaging read this summer? 

Look no further than Nick Vianna’s third picture book, Ten Tidal Tales- a series of short whimsical ocean stories told through Larry the pizza loving seagull and G, the little sea sprite with a big heart.

Using ocean symbols to communicate, the pair unite in friendship, fun and as pen pals, sharing their unique stories of fact and fiction from different corners of the world, above and below the surface. 

Packed with colorful pictures, humor and whimsical verse, Ten Tidal Tales invites you to experience the quirky, humorous and magical mysteries of the ocean that only a seagull and a sea sprite can see.

Liza D. from Amazon notes: “My 7-year-old twins love love love this book. We’ve read it over and over and discover something new every time.”

“Nick Vianna's illustrations are extremely fun and vibrant. I highly recommend this book. Your kids will love it,” says another Amazon reviewer, Christine C.

As part of the book tour, Nick is offering elementary schools, libraries, bookstores and fairs a free live/virtual read, with interactive word games and an art display presentation.

"I really love to engage the kids with questions during the live read and then demonstrate how creating a picture book uses some of the very same skills they are learning in school now –like spelling, word association, nature, visual communication, as well as arts and crafts."

Nick will be speaking on 7/9 at 11AM in Rye at Rye Town Park and on 7/14 at 4PM at the Bronxville Library

For more information about the book, live read events or Nick, visit the website. To find out more about the author, please click here.