Harrison Students Participate in Teen Video Challenge

Summer is just around the corner!  The Harrison Library is already working on keeping kids reading over the summer break!

Every summer the Harrison Library participates in the New York State Summer Reading Program.   The program encourages children to keep reading reading during the summer months when they are likely to slide backwards in their skills if not reinforced. The program at the Harrison Library has many teen volunteers. Kids love reading aloud to teens or "reporting" what they have read. The children get small prizes as incentives to continue. It is a lot of fun for everyone involved!

For the last two years the library has offered Teen Reading Programs, which involve meetings of teens to discuss books.  The Summer Reading Program also has a Teen Video Challenge that the library participates in.  There is a new theme each year, with this year's being science related: "Spark a Reaction".  The Harrison teens have already started their participation in this by submitting videos for a contest to promote summer reading with a promotional video.

Two different groups of Harrison teens submitted videos interpreting the 2014 slogan "SPARK a Reaction," in hopes of winning $275 for them and a $125 award for the library.  

Click the links below to view the videos:



Best of luck to our creative Harrison students!

To learn more about the great programs offered for all ages at the Harrison Library, click here.


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