16 SEASONS A YEAR by Tapani Talo Opening in Larchmont February 2

Tapani Talo’s latest exhibit titled 16 SEASONS A YEAR, opens in the Oresman Gallery at the Larchmont Public Library on February 2, and will continue to be on view through February 27. Additionally, there will be a reception honoring the photographer on Saturday, February 10, from 2:00 to 4:00pm in the Gallery. Everyone is invited.

From 2001 to 2010, while taking care of their home and children during his late wife’s (Judith Feder) battle with cancer, Tapani Talo started to newly experience an awareness of each moment in the day. “I found this to be much like the painting I had done in an earlier phase of life”, said Talo. “Yet this awareness was quite different from my experiences during my years as a busy New York City professional architect”.

Talo continues, “This daily awareness allowed me to develop a sensitivity to seasonal patterns and colors in my photographic compositions; seeing colors that we normally do not think of. I have continued to photographically study these seasonal patterns on a daily basis ever since – for 16 years - with different aspects and emphasis of nature and location throughout Westchester County”.

This show marks the 50th anniversary of Tapani Talo becoming a semi-professional photographer, when started as a Press Photographer in 1967 for newspapers about Rock and Roll in Helsinki, Finland.

Tapani Talo was born in Finland in 1950. Music and photography took him to London, UK, 1972 where he worked with the Rolling Stones rock group as a sound engineer.  While working with the Rolling Stones in London, Talo also completed his education in architecture.

Talo eventually moved to the USA, graduating from Ball State University 1980. He joined Edward Larrabee Barnes architects in 1980, and after four years left to open his own architecture business. During this time, Talo painted at night at Art Students League in Manhattan. Talo eventually became a principal designer with Philip Johnson Architects, winning his first big competition in 1988 for his design of 4 ½ miles of waterfront in the Waterfront International Competition.

Amongst many other projects, Talo helped architect Steven Holl to make possible his first big Museum Project in Finland (1994). Talo also designed JFK Terminal One for Bodouva (1995), and worked on Citi Field in Queens. Since 2002 Talo has had his own architectural firm and focuses on designing green custom residential spaces as well as numerous large and small scale commercial projects. He is also currently proposing world’s tallest MEGA TALL tower most likely to be built in China.

Photography has been a constant daily activity for Tapani Talo for all his years. For more information about Tapani Talo, visit: www.taloarchitect.com


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