West Haven Friends Forever Linked with Permanent Jewelry

The fall season always ushers in change and for two long-time roommates in West Haven, that change will manifest as new living arrangements as each of them will move in with their boyfriends this September.  Specifically, Jane Schroeder and Tia Bonessi from West Haven decided to remain connected to each other with permanent jewelry offered at Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury to serve as a visual symbol of their special bond. The family-owned company is the first jeweler in Connecticut to offer the14K-gold bracelets.

“Since launching our B Linked permanent jewelry collection last month, we have been inundated with appointments,” shares Christina Baribault-Ortiz of Baribault Jewelers and co-founder of The Power to B jewelry collection. “We’ve fitted everyone from couples and best friends to mothers and daughters, even three generations of families with this beautiful memento of their lasting bond.”

Baribault-Ortiz explains the simple process starts by booking an appointment in advance online. Group discounts are available for bachelorette parties, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. Then choose your favorite from one of four styles. The chain will then be measured to your wrist and painlessly welded shut using high heat. Best of all, the jewelry can be easily removed at any time by cutting it off yourself with a pair of scissors.

Baribault-Ortiz also predicts the style trend will steal the spotlight at the star-studded Emmy Awards and Fall Fashion Week from September 9-14, 2022 in New York City. TikTok fashionistas Victoria Jameson and Vienna Sky recently garnered over 160 million views using #permanentjewelry #permanentbracelet hashtags.

B Linked permanent jewelry ranges in price from $20-45 per inch. If yellow gold is not your style, custom orders for 14k white gold are available since silver does not wear as well over time. The minimum welding age is 10. Anyone under 18 will be required to have a parent or guardian’s present.

“We are confident that permanent jewelry will continue to grow as an alternative to a tattoo or piercing to commemorate a special occasion or as a lasting connection to a loved one,” said Baribault-Ortiz.

For more information on the permanent jewelry offerings at Baribault Jewelers, visit https://baribaultjewelers.com/permanent-jewelry/

About Baribault Jewelers

Since 1948, Baribault Jewelers has been guided by its core values of authenticity, integrity, service, gratitude, courage, trust and respect in providing sterling service to its local, statewide and national clientele. While styles come and go, the mission of the family business has always been to help its valued customers create beautiful memories with the people they love. Visit www.baribaultjewelers.com.


(from left) Jane Schroeder and Tia Bonessi of West Haven were recently fitted with permanent jewelry at Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury. The long-time friends and roommates wanted the bracelets as a visual and beautiful reminder of their special bond before they each move in with their boyfriends this fall.

Photo courtesy of Baribault Jewelers

Submitted by Hartford, CT

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