CT Manufacturing Company Unveils New Reusable Containers For Commercial, Industrial & Military Industries

According to MoveBudha.com, the moving industry generates tons of waste, in fact, 900 million cardboard boxes, 90 million pounds of packing paper and 30 million rolls of tape to be exact! One Connecticut manufacturing company is on a mission to reduce these amounts in American landfills and the overall environment by offering a variety of reusable and recyclable corrugated cardboard containers for the commercial, industrial and military sectors instead of traditional wood, plastic and metal materials.  Specifically, Packaging and Crating Technologies, LLC (PACT), a family-owned manufacturing company in Watertown, CT, has created a comprehensive line of durable, lightweight, and sustainable shipping, crating and packaging systems for National Earth and Recycling Months. 


“Although corrugated cardboard became an industry standard for packing and shipping in the early 1900’s, its main drawback was that it couldn’t be reused if it became damaged or deformed during transit or got wet from rain and snow,” said Rodger Mort, President of PACT, LLC.  “We have solved these problems by developing a specially designed, corrugated cardboard crate that is strong, water resistant, and able to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures.  In fact, some of our customers have been able to use their original crates for up to hundred moves!”

Mort reveals that PACT’s patented process consists of cross-core lamination with triple-wall, double-wall or fiber board to produce a superior corrugated cardboard container.  Besides its strength and durability, the bins offer a variety of sizes that can safely transport anything from fine art and glass to motorcycles and furniture.  “The inherent cushioning embedded in our cardboard will buffer any vibrations during transit whether it be by boat, plane or truck, so that the goods arrive in perfect condition.”

In fact, PACT has taken every protection precaution in the design of its crates from the ground up as it has created special corrugated spiral feet consisting of three layers of the strong material for additional shock absorption, as well as a patented, customized J-Crate that protects merchandise in the event of a tip over, while eliminating dust throughout the supply chain. 

PACT’s complete line of eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard moving containers consists of:

  • LiftVan- a large, durable container that comes in 5 sizes to accommodate the transport of heavy-duty items up to 2,000 pounds, while easily stacking 3 bins high.
  • PleatWrap- a sustainable paper bubble wrap that has an engineered pleated center sandwiched between a tissue and a Kraft paper layer. PleatWrap gives superior corner protection as compared to plastic packaging and can be recycled after use.
  • J-Crate-a lightweight, corrugated insert that is quick and easy to assemble, pack and unpack and offers a parcel 360-degree protection from shock, vibrations and dust accumulation.
  • Spiral Foot-a triple-wall, fiberboard fastener block that sits on the ground and attaches to the upper crate for lightweight durability and inherent vibration protection.
  • MP40- a special packaging crate that contains 4 built-in dividers to ensure safe transit of fragile items such as plasma TVs, framed wall art, glass and marble tabletops.  When not used for moving, it can be used as a resilient dolly-free bin.
  • Sofa Crate-a customized crate for larger furniture shipping that is strong enough to stack 6 units high.  This corrugated cardboard version replaces metal racking, thus increasing warehouse space.
  • Motorcycle Crate-give your prized possession maximum moving protection through its patented corrugated sidewalls for side-impact and stacking strength. 

What’s more, PACT’s corrugated cardboard container systems are able to be stacked and stored flat, hence, maximizing warehouse space and reduce the shipping weight, a welcomed benefit with current escalating fuel prices.  Additionally, when they are ready to be disposed of, PACT’s products can be brought to any recycling center or eco-friendly dumpster, unlike traditional wood crates, which can seldom be recycled and often come with hefty disposal fees.

“Our corrugated crates are half the weight and take up half the space of a full wooden pallet, which saves the customer hundreds of dollars in shipping costs per load,” adds Mort. “Equally important, there is no compromise in stack-ability of up to 4,000 pounds and reusability, which helps preserve the environment with less waste.”

Finally, PACT adheres to a lean and green manufacturing process by specializing in low inventory volumes based on market demand and quick turnaround times with its off-the-shelf and customized, eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

Finally, adopting corrugated shipping crates company-wide addresses another pressing issue: the protracted labor shortage facing not only the logistics industry, but many other sectors worldwide. With companies looking to do more with less manpower, the corrugated crate’s simple fold-out process significantly mitigates labor-intensive crate construction.  For a demo on the ease of assembling a PACT shipping container, visit: https://www.pactww.com/products/custom-crates/.

“Just like our entire product line, we are a lean and green manufacturing machine,” concludes Mort.  “As more businesses realize the massive benefits of corrugated cardboard not only to their company’s bottom line, but to the overall health of the environment, we know that the sustainable packaging revolution will continue to skyrocket across the world and we’re excited to be a key player within it!”


PACT, LLC is a global leader in manufacturing sustainable, packaging products for the commercial, industrial and military industries. With more than 25 years of experience, the family business was founded by three green packaging professionals and continues to embrace a green future by designing cost-effective, patented, crating solutions like LiftVans and PleatWrap, as well as custom packaging  for the aerospace, medical, electronics, tooling, machinery, furniture, fine art and automotive sectors.  The company’s newest innovation is Thermo Shield, a sustainable paper-based packaging material that suppresses and controls lithium ion battery fires by mitigating thermal runaway. 

The company is a member of the Commercial Relocation Network, the Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials and the International Association of Movers. It is also a preferred vendor for the US Department of Defense and has been awarded a special permit from the US Department of Transportation for the shipping of lithium-ion batteries, as well as passed the proposed SAE-G-27 test standard.   For a full list PACT’s sustainable packaging solutions, visit www.pactww.com

PHOTO: Connecticut-based Packaging and Crating Technologies, LLC (PACT) is a top, global manufacturer of sustainable, durable and reusable packaging for the commercial, industrial and military markets.  Through its patented corrugated cardboard process, it allows companies to transport all materials safely, more cost-effectively and environmentally friendly. 

Photo Courtesy of: PACT, LLC

Submitted by Hartford, CT

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