Soaking Storms Spur Surge in Mold

Think your home doesn’t have mold? Guess again. According to local mold remediation specialists, the increase in extreme weather conditions in New England has sent cases of mold contamination soaring. Massive amounts of rain, unpredictable fluctuations in temperatures, and heat and humidity lasting into November and December are all key culprits.


“Since mold is found in the external environment, every home, building or structure is vulnerable to it,” says Laura Champagne, co-founder of Natural Home Solutions LLC, serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. “The bigger question is what are the mold levels? The levels inside your home should always be less than those outdoors. When the species Penicillium/Aspergillus is detected, it is an immediate indication of high levels of humidity.”

Champagne explains that moisture is always the root cause of mold in homes due to the presence of water, even if the water cannot be seen by the naked eye. She notes that water is a tricky and fluid substance that will find its way through very small porous surfaces on any structure. In fact, a slow and steady water source can be the most hazardous and hardest to detect.  Common causes are foundation problems, poorly installed windows, roof concerns, storm damage, leaky pipes, HVAC issues, faulty appliances, bathroom vent issues, and wet building materials. Further, new energy efficiency requirements can seal in potentially wet materials with zero opportunity to dry or breathe, hence increasing mold production.

The simple solution would seem to be airing out one’s house, right? Wrong, says Champagne. “This time of year, people open their windows to catch a fresh breeze. It feels great, but we are inviting mold in and the humidity creates the perfect condition for rapid mold growth.”

Mold is most commonly found in basements and attics. It can also be found in bathrooms that are not properly ventilated. Musty smells, black spots on surfaces, water stains or warped materials can all be indicators of possible mold contamination. However, Champagne notes that the best way to detect mold is through an air quality test.

Natural Home Solutions offers free estimates for a visual inspection, then there is a standard charge for each subsequent type of testing. The treatment quote is based on the square footage being treated. Champagne and partner Jim Oliver treat affected areas with EnzyCleanseTM, a green formula that incorporates natural enzymes. It is non-toxic, organic, and safe around humans or pets.

“Many companies will come in and clean surfaces with toxic chemicals,” says Oliver. “There are zero chemicals used in our product. We are a life science company that relies on the power of nature that took thousands of years to perfect. Mold is a naturally occurring infestation, so why fight it with something man-made?”

Oliver explains that the first step is utilizing an EnzyCleanseTM fogger that produces micro-droplets small enough to penetrate contaminated surfaces and reach areas like wall cavities to break down mold roots and spores, thus eliminating contaminations. EnzyCleanseTM also continues working to prevent mold growth long after the treatment.

The second step is tailored to every customer’s individual needs and can range from the use of Hepa vacuums and air scrubbers, to encapsulation, surface cleaning, and solutions to minimize moisture, since the permanent solution is to find and fix the source of water.

For many homeowners, after cleaning the affected areas, the best way to prevent new growth is to run dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. The dehumidifiers are in place to remove the humidity and the air scrubbers will work to remove the spores from the air. Air scrubbers are important for two reasons; they will decrease the spores so that they do not continue to grow and they will make the air less harmful.

“Typical mold removal does not address the root of the problem - air quality,” says Oliver. “Microscopic mold spores freely travel through the air undetected, causing health hazards such as allergies, breathing problems, headaches and sore throats. Our enzymes unlock the mold on a molecular level and inhibit the production of spores.”

Additionally, Oliver notes that other companies’ strategy to tear-down, remove, and replace contaminated surfaces is often labor-intensive and far more costly than Natural Home Solutions’ eco-friendly abatement process.

Oliver’s advice for all homeowner is simple, “Bottom line, control the moisture and humidity in your home and minimize the risk of mold.”

About Natural Home Solutions LLC

Natural Home Solutions LLC, is committed to keeping homes and businesses safe from mold contamination. Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, the professional team performs high-quality mold testing and nontoxic, non-destructive remediation at an economical price. As one of only a few EnzyCleanseTM licensees in the world, the company is proud to offer this safe, green alternative with a two-year performance guarantee. EnzyCleanseTM is an organic, naturally-derived mold elimination solution created by the scientists at XSPOR Life Sciences. Call 860-436-7021 for an estimate. Learn more at

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