First in Her Field From School Sports to the Law Courts

Ever since becoming the first female football player on both her Hudson Falls NY middle and high school teams, 37-year-old Brooke Goff has been tackling stereotypes. She put herself through college and law school, opening Goff Law Group seven years ago as a new mother. During March Women’s History Month, Attorney Goff is using her statewide celebrity status and social media influence to advocate for government-subsidized initiatives that help all mothers obtain the necessary educational and vocational training to return to work and achieve leadership careers. Specifically, she is seeking a national forum in which to publicly empower women in all aspects of their personal and professional lives, thereby creating more female entrepreneurs in the world and leveling out the gender equality gap.

“Even though it’s 2024, society still tells women that their role is to support, yet women lead in every single aspect of their lives and the lives of their family members. Essentially, they are the CEO of their households, so why can’t they be the CEO of a company?” asks Attorney Brooke Goff, founder and CEO of Goff Law Group. “It comes down to lack of training and resources, so much more effort needs to be made to provide working mothers with the necessary tools to become successful business owners and entrepreneurs.”

Attorney Goff further details her platform on promoting the advancement of women in the workplace, which includes the government providing women who choose to stay home and raise a family, both training and funding for a new business venture that can be forgiven under certain circumstances, as well as educating young females about accessibility to higher education, and encouraging and rewarding them to enter fields that are typically dominated by men.

“As the largest high-volume woman-owned, operated, and managed, personal injury law firm in Connecticut that boasts a staff consisting of 11 female attorneys we offer a modern-day refresh in the traditional male-dominated legal field,” adds Attorney Goff. “I know firsthand that women with children do the same amount of work in eight hours that others do in twelve because they have learned excellent time management strategies and understand that every minute is an opportunity to complete a task – often with little to no sleep- now, that’s a true superpower and key element of success!”

Once in the workforce, Attorney Goff notes that working women of childbearing age often lose out on job opportunities because top management automatically assumes that they’ll be out of the office for maternity leave or sick days. In fact, according to the US Department of Labor, there are 24.2 million mothers in the US labor force with children younger than 18, and 16% of that total say they have been passed over for a promotion as a result. 

To address this discrepancy, Attorney Goff recently made history again when she promoted her latest pregnancy on a major billboard campaign with the headlines, “Eating for Two While Fighting for You” and “Stay Calm, Leave it to Mom”. The bold messaging generated praise for the Mom-preneur and produced engaging dialogue about maternity and other legal rights across the nation.

Other notable, history-making moments of this legal mogul include:

-Being the most public lesbian personal injury lawyer in Connecticut.

-Earning the Super Lawyer Rising Star Award for the past 7 years.

-Speaking at numerous elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and universities about the importance of education and pursuing one’s dreams.

“Besides winning cases for my clients, my #1 mission it to destroy the current stereotypes surrounding working mothers and serve as inspiration that they can indeed have it all – being female leaders in any industry, all while celebrating the precious gift of motherhood.” 

About Attorney Brooke Goff

Attorney Brooke Goff is the founder and CEO of Goff Law Group, a woman-owned and operated personal injury law firm comprised of a significant number of experienced female attorneys with various litigation backgrounds and skillsets. The firm’s foundation is built on its aggressive, no-nonsense tactics, free consultations, direct attorney access and a 99% resolution result rate. As a young, lesbian, Mom-preneur, Attorney Goff is on a mission to ensure that mothers in the workplace celebrate their life-changing milestones without having to sidetrack their careers. She is an inspiration for girls and a strong advocate for women to live their authentic lives. Visit for more information.

PHOTO: Attorney Brooke Goff, founder and CEO of Goff Law Group in Connecticut, is an authentic advocate and outspoken champion for working mothers, encouraging them to seek and secure educational and vocational training to become business leaders. She is currently seeking a national forum in which to advance women in the workplace.

Credit: Goff Law Group

Submitted by Alisa Picerno

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