Is Your Indoor Air Environment Making Your Sick?

Spring allergy season symptoms already cause confusion with other illnesses like COVID-19, RSV and the flu. But the root of your family’s coughing, sneezing and headaches may actually be poor indoor air quality. During National Autoimmune Awareness Month in March, the experts at Natural Home Solutions LLC encourage home and business owners to test their indoor air quality.

“Similar to medical check-ups for our physical bodies, it is equally important to regularly monitor the indoor environment of one’s home and office,” says Laura Champagne, co-founder of Natural Home Solutions LLC, mold remediation specialists serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. “A simple air quality test can reveal issues within your interior spaces and common findings often indicate that the central air systems are circulating containments throughout the home or office just like blood through one’s veins and arteries.”

Autoimmune diseases occur when the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues, causing damage. Champagne suggests air quality testing if anyone in your family suffers from several of the following ailments:

Allergy like symptoms  * Food Sensitivity

Migraines    * Skin Irritations

Depression    * Fatigue

Gastro-Intestinal Issues  * Difficulty Sleeping

Brain Fog/Confusion    * Irritability

“It may seem like these ailments have nothing to do with one another, but in reality, they are all inflammatory responses,” Champagne points out. Inflammation occurs when the inflammatory cells travel to a place of injury or foreign contamination. When the cells stay too long, it may lead to chronic inflammation. Champagne explains that the biggest problem in our indoor environment is biological contamination (waste from living things):

Pollens, originated from plants

Viruses, transmitted by people and animals

Mold and Other Fungi (mycotoxins and other byproducts)


Household Pets (saliva and dander)

Droppings and Body Parts from pests and insects

Dried Urine from rats and mice

When the biological contaminants are inhaled, they can make people sick. People with a compromised immune system or pre-existing medical condition are more likely to have an extreme reaction to such exposure. For most people, exposure to these contaminants simply causes mild sinus or respiratory infection. Unfortunately, for a growing number of people, it can cause a far greater inflammatory response and is often misdiagnosed.

“When Natural Home Solutions conducts air testing, we use sampling pumps, spore traps, or other specialized equipment,” says Champagne’s partner Jim Oliver. “We obtain outdoor and indoor air samples and forward them to a third-party testing facility for assessment.” Lab technicians evaluate and compare the samples. Their report provides a clear picture of contamination on a given day, and conclusively identifies species and determines the severity of a contamination problem. Homeowners can opt for a free preliminary visual mold inspection by Natural Home Solutions as well.

“There is mold in every home, however the level of mold inside your home should always be less than those outdoors,” says Oliver. “When the species Penicillium/Aspergillus is detected, it is an immediate indication of high levels of humidity.”

Natural Home Solutions treats contaminated areas with EnzyCleanseTM, a green formula that incorporates natural enzymes. It is non-toxic, organic, and safe for people and pets. The fogger produces micro-droplets small enough to penetrate surfaces and reach areas like wall cavities to break down mold roots and spores. EnzyCleanseTM also continues working to prevent mold growth long after the treatment.

The second major contributor to inflammation in the body is chemicals. Chemicals can not only be inhaled but they are also absorbed through the skin, thus exacerbating a person’s physical reaction to mold. As many companies use harsh chemicals to remove mold, EnzyCleanseTM is becoming a popular, eco-friendly and effective alternative.

After mold remediation and elimination of the moisture source, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers remove humidity and mold spores from the air. Air scrubbers are important for two reasons; they will decrease the spores so that they do not continue to grow and they will make the air less harmful.

Homeowners can also incorporate the EZ Breathe whole house ventilation system or the Austin Air purifier for long-term solutions.

“Since autoimmune conditions are tricky to diagnose, all aspects of a person’s environment should be examined,” concludes Champagne. “Mold removal may solve the medical mystery that has been plaguing you or your family.”

About Natural Home Solutions LLC

Natural Home Solutions LLC, is committed to keeping homes and businesses safe from mold contamination. Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, the professional team performs high-quality mold testing and nontoxic, non-destructive remediation at an economical price. As one of only a few EnzyCleanseTM licensees in the world, the company is proud to offer this safe, green alternative with a two-year performance guarantee. EnzyCleanseTM is an organic, naturally-derived mold elimination solution created by the scientists at XSPOR Life Sciences. Call 860-436-7021 for an estimate. Learn more at

Submitted by Alisa Picerno

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