Mother's Day Gifts That Give Back!

Baribault Jewelers, a 3rd generation family-owned jewelry company in Glastonbury, offers last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that give directly to both local and national charities. Connecticut families can choose from the largest collection of jewelry designs, styles and runway trends for any price point, including:

  • The Power to B “Hope for Fertility” Special Edition Bracelet– a gift with a purpose is twice as nice as Mom is inspired to B Strong, B Fierce, B Fearless, B Limitless and B Badass every day. The aqua-colored cord is perfect for the blooming spring season. Bracelets are $68 with 20% of proceeds being donated to The Hope Fertility Foundation.
  • The Sweetheart Collection – diamond pave, heart necklaces, stud earrings and bracelets allow mothers to take their children’s hearts with them wherever they go.
  • Crescent Jewelry – she loves her kids to the moon and back- now, crescent-shaped necklaces and earrings in gemstones and diamonds serve as visual reminders, starting at $300.
  • Paper Clip Link Bracelets- as the primary link of the family, link bracelets adorned with diamonds, white and rose gold offer a trendy and timeless option for Mom.
  • The Power to B Glastonbury Grads Bracelet- the future is calling all high-schoolers and the newest royal blue cord color of the empowering jewelry line will keep new collegiates confident. What’s more, 20% of proceeds for the bold $68 bracelet will be donated to the Glastonbury Education Foundation.

The store is located at 81 Rankin Road in Glastonbury.

About Baribault Jewelers

Since 1948, Baribault Jewelers has been guided by its core values of authenticity, integrity, service, gratitude, courage, trust and respect in providing sterling service to its local, statewide and national clientele.  While styles come and go, the mission of the family business has always been to help its valued customers create beautiful memories with the people they love.  Visit www.baribaultjewelers.com.

About The Power to B

Created by sisters and designers Christina Baribault Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz in 2019, The Power to B fine jewelry collection aims to bring women together in joyful empowerment. The stunning 14k gold- or gold-plated phrase bracelets, necklaces and rings remind women to B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless or B Fearless. The Power to B is about being fearless enough to speak your dreams into the world and being strong enough to turn them into reality. Learn more at thepowertob.com.

PHOTO: The “BStrong” necklace is one of many Mother’s Day gifts available at Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury that benefit local and national charities.


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