Lofty Dreams Come True for Connecticut Man

Barry Alexander, CEO and Founder of Aquiline Drones, recently presented Timothy Demarest, an assembly worker from Meriden, CT, with free tuition to the Aquiline Drones Flight to the Future online drone pilot training program in order to launch a lucrative new career. Timothy, a lifelong drone-enthusiast, will earn FAA Drone Pilot Certification and gain access to the Flight to the Future job dashboard in order to start his own independent drone business.

“This is truly a gift from the heavens as I have always been fascinated with and appreciative of drones since childhood,” said Demarest, a 19-year-old manufacturing employee.  “I own a hobby drone, and actually created a video this past summer.  Thanks to Aquiline Drones, what has been a hobby can now become a viable career in a field that I love!”
The commercial drone sector is growing at a rate of 13.8% compounded annually and is expected to double by 2025 to over $42 billion as they grow in popularity and realize more potential across countless industries.  Activities easily performed by drones include routine inspections of construction sites, tunnels, bridges, power lines, energy plants, railroad tracks, coastline erosion, real estate, agriculture, livestock monitoring and wildlife management.  They are also unrivaled in assessing and mitigating potential natural disasters and other forms of mayhem that could ultimately lead to loss of livelihood, property or even life.  Further, drones are crucial to local, statewide, national and international border security.
“As the demand for commercial drone operations continues to increase, Tim will be armed with the proper knowledge, mastery, certification and specialization to successfully fulfill these jobs and opportunities,” said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones.  “He, like the rest of our Flight to the Future program participants, are among the first licensed drone pilot business owners who are perfectly poised for a permanent career solution in the nation that millions of Americans can only dream of.”
Visit http://adflight.to/future to register.
About Aquiline Drones
Aquiline Drones is based in Hartford, CT, offering a full-spectrum of technological solutions for using drones in commercial activities featuring a customer-centric model, US-based manufacturing and supply chain, plus world-class MRO services. Aquiline Drones delivers real-time data insights supported by a dedicated UAV cloud and real-time OS, along with autonomous drone operations with dynamic in-field decision-making capabilities. Visit www.AquilineDrones.com for more information.
CAPTION: (from left) Tim Demarest, a drone aficionado and manufacturing employee from Meriden, officially accepts his complimentary tuition into Aquiline Drones’ proprietary Flight to the Future (F2F) program from Aquiline Drones Founder and CEO Barry Alexander. The online F2F program virtually trains and FAA-certifies new drone pilots, while preparing them for successful business ownership. Photo Credit: Aquiline Drones.



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