Senior Caregiver Wins $5,000 Award from Cheshire Employer

Debbie Davis of Waterbury is living proof that family does not just consist of one’s biological relatives; but rather, created as we help and support each other in life. The senior caregiver recently won the Platinum Caregiver Award for November, 2021 from employer Assisted Living Services, Inc. (ALS) for providing exceptional care and outstanding services to her elderly client in New Haven.

The family-owned, statewide homecare agency with offices in Cheshire and Westport recently surprised and presented Davis with a $5,000 check, certificate of recognition and beautiful crystal statue in an impromptu celebration.

“What we love about Debbie is her unique ability to make every person she encounters feel like family- now that’s a gift!" said Mario D’Aquila, Chief Operating Officer at ALS. “Besides her compassionate commitment to her clients, she is extremely dependable, rarely missing work time.”

D’Aquila was joined by ALS Director of Marketing and Hourly Services Lynne Talbot and ALS Hourly Manager Tina Carbone.

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Each month, ALS’ senior clients are called at random by Homecare Pulse, a third-party survey company that measures customer satisfaction. Clients or family members rate the services and quality of care that is being delivered and have the opportunity to mention caregivers who exceed their expectations when caring for them or their loved one.

Davis has been employed with ALS since May, 2019. D’Aquila notes that caring for seniors in their own homes requires patience, compassion, empathy and persistence and that the best caregivers are able to strike a balance between being supportive, while providing enough freedom to enable their elderly client to enjoy their golden years.

“It’s important to mention that Debbie has received high marks across the board as another client also gave her a stellar review,” adds D’Aquila. “She is beloved by her clients and has earned a top position in our extended family business.”

About Assisted Living Services, Inc.

Since 1996, award-winning home care agency Assisted Living Services, Inc. (ALS) in Cheshire and Westport has provided quality care to residents across Connecticut. Its unique CarePlus program blends personal care by over 600 employees and caregivers with technological safety and monitoring devices from sister company Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. ALS was ranked on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and recognized by Home Care Pulse® as a “Best of Home Care Leader In Excellence”, a designation given to the best home care providers in the nation. Learn more by visiting www.assistedlivingct.com or calling203.634.8668.

PHOTO: Waterbury senior caregiver Debbie Davis proudly displays her Platinum Caregiver Award for November, 2021. Davis was presented the accolades by Mario D’Aquila, Chief Operating Officer at Assisted Living Services, Inc., Tina Carbone, Hourly Manager at Assisted Living Services, Inc., and Lynne Talbot, Director of Marketing and Hourly Services at Assisted Living Services, Inc. in her client’s New Haven home.

Photo courtesy of Assisted Living Services, Inc.


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