From Forgotten to Fashionable: Repurposing Old Jewels with New Style!

With the changing of the seasons, comes the changing of wardrobes, home décor and foods.  Glastonbury-based Baribault Jewelers is also encouraging Connecticut residents to change up the contents of their jewelry boxes.  Specifically, the 3rd generation, family-owned business offers a unique jewelry transformation program that provides new life and purpose to old, unworn jewelry and fine accessories that are too valuable and memorable to discard.  Due to the high demand of this specialty, the company will be hosting a three-day Jewelry Transformation Event on September 20th- 23rd from 10am-5pm at 81 Rankin Road in Glastonbury

“It’s time for people to take those family heirlooms out of the vault and transform them into jewelry they’ll want to wear every day,” said Christina Baribault-Ortiz, co-owner of Baribault Jewelers.  “Whether its rings, bracelets, pins, medals, necklaces or earrings, our team is up for the challenge of taking your most meaningful piece and reimaging it to be meaningfully you.”

Since opening a dedicated jewelry transformation department 7 years ago, Baribault-Ortiz notes some compelling customer conversions, including:

·                     Helping a female client from Plainville, CT who was tired of wearing both her engagement ring and 25-year anniversary ring, and combining them into one unique piece that better reflected her romantic and elegant style, while serving as a fresh beautiful reminder of the couple’s strong relationship.

·                      From Glastonbury, CT a daughter Honoring her father who worked decades with Delta Airlines by taking his sentimental lapel pins and transforming them into shining necklaces for herself and her two daughters. The pins went from collecting dust for years to being worn with pride every day, while connecting three generations together.

·                     Taking a vintage ring inherited from a Portland, CT client’s loving grandmother and re-infusing it with a modern, new rose-gold setting, thus, converting it into a show-stopping sparkler that she’s proud to wear every day.

“There is no project too big, small, or unusual for our team of dedicated experts,” adds Raeann Baribault-Schwartz, co-owner of Baribault Jewelers.  “With five jewelry transformation specialists, including three master goldsmiths, we proudly design and transform jewelry in-house so that your vision is brought to life from consult to creation. The possibilities are truly endless!”

For more information on the jewelry transformation process and to register for Baribault Jewelers’ event, please visit: https://baribaultjewelers.com/jewelry-transformations/.

About Baribault Jewelers

Since 1948, Baribault Jewelers has been guided by its core values of authenticity, integrity, service, gratitude, courage, trust and respect in providing sterling service to its local, statewide and national clientele. While styles come and go, the mission of the family business has always been to help its valued customers create beautiful memories with the people they love. Visit www.baribaultjewelers.com.

PHOTO: Baribault Jewelers is hosting a Jewelry Transformation Event on September 20 – 23rd at its Glastonbury store located at 81 Rankin Road.  Rene of Plainville, CT was tired of wearing both her engagement ring and 25-year anniversary ring, so the family jeweler combined them into one unique piece.


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