Durham Business Is “Charged Up” For New EV Cash Rebates

Connecticut electric vehicle (EV) owners have already benefitted from a recent surge in state incentives, and now, business owners can also jump into the fast lane of savings!  Specifically, the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, coupled with massive $20,000 to $250,000 annual rebates currently offered through Eversource and United Illuminating, are making EV charging systems very affordable for commercial entities.  Torrison Stone & Garden in Durham is one business that recently installed an EV charging system for its environmentally minded customers through CT Electric Car, the state’s first and foremost installer of residential and commercial EV charging systems.

“As a business that specializes in the design and construction of outdoor living spaces, installing two EV charging systems enhances our underlying company mission of creating a beautiful, earth-friendly environment,” said Tyler Gerry, owner of Torrison Stone & Garden.  “Since most of our customers are already green-minded, having the chargers onsite gives them another reason to visit us.”

In conducting his research for the EV charging systems, Gerry notes that CT Electric Car in Newington was the recommended electrical contractor on the State of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection website due to its 10-year expertise in the installation of EV charging systems. 
CT Electric Car owner Ed Ingalls maps out a plan for business owners wanting to install an EV charging system on their property including:
  • consulting with an experienced, licensed installer to assess the business’s current electrical system and ensure that the charging system will operate according to manufacturer’s specifications since EV charging system manufacturers can void the warranty if their equipment is not installed properly.
  • using a licensed professional installer who will ensure that the charger is compatible with all EV models to protect themselves from customer liability and avoid warranty issues.  CT Electric Car is a ChargePoint-certified installer and recognized as the state’s foremost installer of residential and commercial EV charging systems having specialized within the industry for the past 10 years.
  • realizing that there may be minimal or no out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, property and business owners can actually make a profit on their EV charging systems by allotting a fee for each charge.
  • ensuring that all necessary rebate paperwork is submitted to the State and the utility companies.
“For the past ten years, we have facilitated the installation process for home and business owners from start to finish, which includes acquiring an electrical permit, final inspection by the town electrical inspector and the rebate application,” said Ingalls.  “It can get complicated and confusing as new rebate programs continually roll out, so we serve as the liaison between the customer and the particular power company to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.”
CT Electric Car has installed commercial charging systems in high-profile locations throughout the state including Blue Back Square, the UCONN campus in Storrs, Whole Foods, and Bishop’s Corner, as well as within multiple municipalities, state agencies, colleges and universities and police departments.  The company is also qualified to install and wire Tesla Motor Cars’ charging system throughout the state and its electricians are licensed contractors by the State of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection.
Torrison Stone & Garden is an award-winning landscape construction company specializing in stone and landscape design, installation and maintenance. Since 2000, the family-owned business has worked with homeowners across Connecticut to improve upon and create outdoor living spaces that set the bar for the industry through quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior customer service.
CT Electric Car’s showroom is located at 72 Pane Rd in Newington where all of the latest options in home charging systems are on display. The company also offers complimentary EV charging systems in the parking lot for drivers who need a quick, free charge. The 12,000 square foot showroom is also the headquarters of Newington Electric Company, CT Home Generator Systems and CT Roof & Gutter Ice Melt Systems.
Newington Electric Company (NEC) is a second-generation, family-owned business that is the parent company of Connecticut Electric Car.  It specializes in the installation and wiring of residential, commercial and municipality car charging systems. The company is licensed in the State of CT by the Dept. of Consumer Protection and holds an unlimited electrical contracting license. For more information regarding electric car charging systems and tax incentives see www.ctelectriccar.com
PHOTO: Torrison Stone and Garden in Durham recently installed two EV charging systems at its company headquarters through CT Electric Car, the state’s leading contractor for the electrical wiring and installation of EV charging systems.  CT Electric Car also ensures that business owners amass the largest savings on their new units by walking them through the rebate process.


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