Be Heart-Healthy Hartford CC! February is American Heart Month

There’s no better time to take control of your health Hartford CC! February is American Heart Month and the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP) is putting a spotlight on the impact that high blood cholesterol can have on the heart.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1 in 3 adults in the United States has high blood cholesterol, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

The CDC reminds residents that high blood cholesterol can be hard to detect, as it often shows no signs or symptoms. “Cholesterol should be checked starting early in life—even children and adolescents should have their cholesterol checked,” the CDC says.

Here are some health screening resources for Hartford CC residents, many of which offer services for free. We recommend you call ahead to assure the center is open and to find out the screenings available:

NameLocationPhoneWebsiteHours Per Week
Community Health Services At Windsor503 Windsor Ave, Windsor860-249-9625 40
Community Health Services500 Albany Ave, Hartford860-808-8703http://www.chshartford.org45.5
Chc Of Hartford76 New Britain Ave, Hartford860-347-6971www.chc1.com50
Community Health Services, Inc.500 Albany Ave, Hartford860-249-9625www.chshartford.org49
Fchc Mobile Health Services94 Connecticut Blvd, East Hartford860-610-6183www.firstchc.org45
First Choice Health Centers94 Connecticut Blvd, East Hartford860-528-1359WWW.FIRSTCHC.ORG63
First Choice@92 Connecticut Blvd92 Connecticut Blvd, East Hartford860-610-6129www.firstchc.org40
First Choice@809 Main Street809 Main St, East Hartford860-528-1359www.firstchc.org40
First Choice Health Centers110 Connecticut Blvd, East Hartford860-610-6157WWW.FIRSTCHC.ORG52
First Choice Health Centers265 Ellington Rd, East Hartford860-528-1359 x162www.firstchc.org49
Charter Oak Health Center401 New Britain Ave, Hartford860-241-0712www.thecharteroak.org42.5
House Of Bread27 Chestnut St, Hartford860-724-1061www.thecharteroak.org8
Ywca Of The Hartford Region, Inc135 Broad St, Hartford860-525-1163www.thecharteroak.org2
Charter Oak Health Center, Inc.21 Grand St, Hartford860-550-7500www.thecharteroak.org79
Charter Oak Health Center Annex At 39 Grand Street39 Grand St, Hartford860-550-7500www.thecharteroak.org1
South Park Inn75 Main St, Hartford860-724-0071www.thecharteroak.org2
Open Hearth437 Sheldon St, Hartford860-525-3447www.thecharteroak.org7
Immaculate Conception Shelter574 Park St, Hartford860-724-4823www.thecharteroak.org3
St. Elizabeth House-Mercyhousing118 Main St, Hartford860-560-4100www.thecharteroak.org13
A.I. Prince Technical School500 Brookfield St, Hartford860-951-7112www.thecharteroak.org40
Wheeler Family Health And Wellness Center - 4949 Woodland St, Hartford860-793-3500www.wheelerclinic.org50
Hartford Family Health & Wellness Center43 Woodland St, Hartford860-793-3500www.wheelerclinic.org54Heal

According to the CDC, cholesterol testing should be done:

  • Once between ages 9 and 11 (before puberty)
  • Once between ages 17 and 21 (after puberty)
  • Every 4 to 6 years in adulthood

The CDC invites you to join the DHDSP throughout February and beyond by starting important conversations about your heart health. “Talk with your loved ones and health care team about how you can prevent and manage high blood cholesterol,” they say.

Prior to getting your cholesterol screening, take note of these five questions you should ask your doctor about your cholesterol.


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