New Boutique Financial Planning Firm Opens in West Hartford

Certified Financial Planner Edward Goldberg and Brenda Larkin like to joke that divorce is what brought them together six years ago. Today, the pair of respected professionals is joining forces to form Goldberg Larkin, a personalized boutique financial planning practice. The full-service firm is located at 433 South Main Street, Suite 105, in West Hartford.

“s (CDFA) and members of the Connecticut Collaborative Divorce Group,” explained Goldberg. “The more we worked together, the more we realized how similarly we approach the art and science of financial planning. Eventually we simply joined our practices together for form Goldberg Larkin.”

Goldberg, CFP®, ChFC, CDFA®, was previously with Sagemark Consulting, a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. in Windsor and Larkin, CDFA®, also with Sagemark Consulting in Windsor. When deciding where they should open their new venture, West Hartford was their immediate choice.

“We work with numerous attorneys who practice in town and many of our clients come to West Hartford to shop and dine,” explained Larkin. “Most importantly, we wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment in an area that is vibrant, fun and accessible.” 

Goldberg and Larkin’s deep, personal relationships with their clients are the reason they chose to become affiliated with Westminster Financial Companies in Ohio. Westminster Financial is a family-owned and run Registered Investment Advisor and Broker Dealer with a proud fifty year history. 

“As a rule, we really know our clients. Westminster is a smaller company, so culturally, it is a much better fit for us, and therefore for our clients as well,” said Goldberg. “We have direct contact with and immediate access to the entire leadership team and the investment team as well.”

Goldberg and Larkin also share the core belief that success starts with a comprehensive financial plan which encompasses all aspects of an individual’s or couple’s financial well-being. This holistic approach is not just focused on investments, but also estate planning, insurance, retirement planning and business succession planning. The firm manages a portfolio of over $100 million. Their clients are primarily couples and individuals, many of whom came to the firm subsequent to divorce.

The team’s extensive work within the divorce process has also provided them with specialized expertise to guide people through other major life changes, such as the death of a spouse or unplanned retirement.  

“People in transition often do not know where to turn,” said Goldberg. “Divorce is perhaps the most emotionally difficult transition of all. Brenda and I feel strongly that by helping people navigate the financial aspects of a life-changing transition, we can empower them to better face their financial future.”

Goldberg cautions that even exciting transitions like a financial windfall from a lottery win or inheritance, requires proper planning. “We had a client who sold his business for a lot of money and wanted to send all nine of his grandchildren to private schools. We demonstrated to him that if he spent that desired amount, he would likely run out of money in about 15 years. He then altered his gifting pattern to a more sustainable level.”

Throughout his more than 25-year financial services career, Goldberg has helped couples and individuals accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth. Sound money management practices and comprehensive planning help his clients achieve their financial goals throughout their business lives and in retirement. 

Goldberg is following his own advice for business owners to start succession planning well in advance. “Oftentimes In the financial planning industry, a vibrant practice can be valued, packaged, and marketed for sale to the highest bidder. I decided to partner Brenda, who is someone who shares my vision of financial planning. That way I know that when I eventually retire in the distant, my clients will be in the hands of someone who cares about them as much as I do.”

Larkin utilizes her 15 years of financial planning experience to develop appropriate strategies that may include: tax reduction strategies, retirement, investment, insurance, college funding and legacy planning. She also has specialized training in Divorce Collaboration and Mediation.

Goldberg Larkin’s official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in conjunction with the West Hartford Chamber on May 9 at noon. 

Goldberg Larkin is a boutique financial planning practice committed to the financial success of each and every client. Affiliated with Westminster Financial, a full-service broker/dealer and registered investment advisor, Ed Goldberg, CFP®, ChFC, CDFA®, and Brenda Larkin, CDFA®, offer their clients a full range of financial products and services. Located at 433 South Main Street Suite 105 West Hartford, CT 06110. To schedule a FREE consultation visit www.goldberglarkin.com or call Ed at 860-706-1100 or Brenda at 860-706-1101.


PHOTO: Certified Financial Planner Edward Goldberg and Brenda Larkin have recently joined forces to form Goldberg Larkin, a personalized boutique financial planning practice. The full-service firm is located at 433 South Main Street, Suite 105, in West Hartford.


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