State Police Conducts Underage Drinking Intiative in Westchester

On January 16, 2021, New York State Police from the Somers barracks conducted an Underage Drinking Initiative in Westchester County.  All 20 establishments that were checked were found to be in compliance. 

The establishments checked were:

  • Somers Mobil Mart, Route 100  T/Somers, NY
  • Goldens Bridge Fine Wines and Spirits, Route 22 Goldens Bridge T/Lewisboro, NY  
  • Acme Supermarket, Route 22 Goldens Bridge T/Lewisboro, NY
  • Cross River Wine Merchant, Route 121  Cross River T/Lewisboro, NY
  • Cross River Shell Mart, Route 121  Cross River  T/Lewisboro, NY
  • Greenway Supermarket, Route 121 T/Lewisboro, NY
  • South Salem Wine and Liquor, Route 35  South Salem T/Lewisboro, NY
  • Cameron’s Deli, Route 35  Cross River T/Lewisboro, NY
  • Whitlock Restaurant, Katonah Ave  Katonah T/Bedford, NY
  • Peppino’s Restaurant, Katonah Ave  Katonah T/Bedford, NY
  • Katonah Wine and Spirits, Katonah Ave  Katonah T/Bedford, NY
  • Hayfields Market, Bloomer Road  T/North Salem, NY
  • 121 Restaurant and Bar, Route 121  T/North Salem, NY
  • Kingsley’s Market, June Road  T/North Salem, NY
  • DiCicco and Sons Supermarket, Route 202  T/Somers, NY
  • Front Street Cellar Wine, Front Street  Croton Falls  T/North Salem, NY
  • Croton Falls Shell Mart, Route 22  Croton Falls  T/North Salem, NY
  • Ilforno Restaurant, Route 100  T/Somers, NY
  • Salsa Verde Restaurant, Route 202  T/Somers, NY
  • Somers Wine and Spirits, Route 202  T/Somers, NY

During the Underage Drinking Initiative, retail establishments are checked utilizing a Trooper in plainclothes and one or several underage operatives who cannot lie about their age or give a false date of birth.  When asked for ID, they show their real ID.


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