2014: Time to Declutter

With 2014 just around the corner, it's not too early (and some might say already a bit late!) to be thinking about what we'd like to accomplish in the coming year. With each New Year, comes a chance to renew, reorganize, discard and recycle. When the winter cold drives you indoors, make it an opportunity to rid your home of unwanted clutter. A clean, organized home promotes mental as well as physical health. We think more clearly and we're less likely to sprain an ankle tripping over toys no one is playing with any more (!)

Take it from Katonah resident and professional organizer, Mary Russell Zipkin, who makes a living helping people to streamline and 're-decorate' their homes: "Decluttering is the cheapest form of therapy I know. With the start of every New Year comes resolutions and the opportunity to make more out of less in your home. As you begin to unload what you don't need or use any more, you'll find that you use more of what you own because it's now visible and ready for action. And you'll enjoy using the things that you have deemed worthy of keeping."

Mary shares these tips for decluttering:

• Start with one room in your home and be ruthless. There is a place for everything, so begin by putting things back where they belong.

• Once you've got everything in place, review with a critical eye and purge any items you haven't used for the past year.

• Make a donation box and feel good that someone else will use your surplus.

• Continue through each room in the house until your space is entirely decluttered.

• Stand back and revel in the peace, calm and sense of well-being that a well-organized space creates.

Need more help? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or give her a call at 914-274-7390.

Need to know where to dispose of your unwanted goods? Following is a list of local organizations that can help you move your clutter along to their new home:

Northern Westchester Community Center

Bedford Recycling Center

Cell Phone Disposal
From the Town of Bedford's web site: "Throwing a cell phone in the trash is never a good idea. As of June 1, 2006, it is against the law in Westchester. Throwing a cell phone in the trash can get you a fine. Fines range from a warning to up to $250. 
A cell phone drop-off box is located in the Town Clerk's Office in the Town House at 321 Bedford Road in Bedford Hills."

Freecycle.org (New York groups)



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