Kathy Hochul Sworn in as New York State’s 57th Governor

Video, Audio, Photos & Remarks As Prepared: Governor Hochul Delivers a Virtual Address to the People of New York State

Governor Hochul began by saying, "On a cold January day nearly seven years ago, I took the oath of office to become your Lieutenant Governor. I am humbled that the people of New York twice put their faith in me to fill this role, which required me to be prepared, if necessary, to serve as your Governor. And now, that day has come."

Governor Hochul: "To those New Yorkers who have yet to meet me. I say this: you may not know me. But I know you. In my travels to all 62 counties every year, I've walked your streets, met you at diners, supported your small businesses, listened to farmers, engaged local officials, and worked to revitalize long-neglected downtowns."

Hochul: "I believe with every fiber in my body, that this is our time. Our time to escape the oppression of a deadly virus and make our schools and workplaces safe for return. Our time to build trust between communities and law enforcement, invest in mental health resources, and address the root problems of crime and keep our residents and children safe. Our time to make greater progress in ending the ugly specter of systemic racism. Our time to help small businesses and create new jobs for New Yorkers hit hard by the pandemic. Our time to unleash the power of New York's women, and to make sure that any barriers to success and opportunity are eradicated once and for all. And our time to show the world that 'ever upward' is more than just our State's motto. It's who we are. And where we are going. This is our time to look forward with a powerful sense of optimism and determination. It will not be easy. And we have a lot of work to do."

View video, audio, photos and remarks here.


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