Ridgefield Playhouse Welcomes Bernard Ilsley: The London Medium Discusses Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones, Spiritual Connection & The Soul

Bernard Ilsley, “The London Medium,” is a third-generation psychic, and was born with the gift leaving most people who witness his ability astounded. Ilsley has been a trusted adviser to Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant for many years.  The London Medium’s amazing ability enables him not only to see the future, but also to make contact with loved ones and ancient spirits and he can tap into past lives. We sat down to talk with Bernard about his special gift and return performance at The Ridgefield Playhouse on March 31, 2020.

How did you make your transition into working as a Medium on a full-time basis?

BI: My transition began in my late teens when I used to drive my grandmother to new age expos. They were happening every weekend in the UK at the time. As people would be waiting in line, they would ask me as I was related, “could I tell them something.” As I did it became apparent that I had the gift too. I then went on to develop my abilities in development circles, that were run by my grandmother, who at the time was a very well-known medium.

How can someone connect with a deceased loved one in a dream state?

BI: When in the dream state we naturally ascend briefly to the higher vibrations of the spirit realm. It is possible to set the higher conscious mind, or the subconscious mind by the conscious mind before you sleep. Similarly to when a person says consciously, I wish to wake at 6:30 am and then they do. So before you sleep with your conscious thought you ask for the person you wish to communicate with and hopefully eventually that will then happen.

Does prayer help a spirit between dimensions move on?

BI: Prayer does help a person between dimensions to move on. Prayer is a way of raising the vibration of conscious communication. Sometimes if a spirit is in-between dimensions, it is lacking the necessary energy and light and purity to transcend to a higher vibration. By sharing that light and divinity the transition becomes possible.

How do you define the soul?

BI: The soul is a unique mass of conscious divinity.

How do we determine what our soul is here to do?

BI: The best way to determine what the soul is here to do, is by listening to one’s inner self. This can be done through practicing meditation, stilling the mind, to listen to the soul, which is an intrinsic part of the divine.

Albert Einstein said, “The most important question a person can ask is, “Is the Universe a friendly place?” In the face of what seems like a lot of negative events in the world, what do you think?

BI: From the beginning of time and creation came the existence of good and evil. Yin and yang. There is an equal amount of good and an equal amount of bad in the world as energy, exactly the same amount as at the beginning of creation. This energy moves around the earth like clouds, so good and evil can exist anywhere at any time. By using one of the other fundamental spiritual laws, which is, ‘like energy attracts like energy’. We can use our conscious mind and intention to attract the good and repel the evil.

What are you most passionate about right now?

BI: I am passionate about many things, but perhaps at this time, raising the collective consciousness of people, to an awareness to help themselves, their loved ones, their environment and planet, is at the top of my list. I hope that such inspiration is gained from my Theater shows and the proof of connections to their loved ones and the divine, through the power of love is witnessed.

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