Lewisboro Town Offices, Parks & Rec Close Early Due to Tropical Storm, Update from Peter Parsons

The Town of Lewisboro Supervisor Peter Parsons announced today that due to Tropical Storm Isaias, town offices will be closed at 12:30 today and all Parks and Rec programming and facilities are closed. Please stay safe and inside!
Parsons provided this update regarding Tropical Storm Isaias
It is dangerous to drive over downed wired or under learning trees over the roads. Please watch out for the crews working on clearing the roads. 
Tropical Storm Isaias will impact Lewisboro with heavy rains and 30-40 mph winds gusting to 60 mph.  There is potential for falling trees and tree branches which may take out power as we saw last Thursday when there was a microburst of wind in Pound Ridge which took out power to 50% of Pound Ridge and around 1,100 NYSEG customers in the South Salem area of Lewisboro.  That microburst caused significant damage including damage to 6 utility poles. 
NYSEG has brought in additional crews/resources into the Brewster Division and later this morning will be staging (pre-deploying) crews/resources throughout the Brewster Division. The Town of Lewisboro has allowed and encouraged NYSEG to use the Lewisboro Town Park for staging. Lewisboro's Highway Department will be available all night to remove trees when no electric wires are involved.  Westchester County have activated their emergency operations/command centers and NYS has pre-positioned/deployed personnel/resources/assets into the region.
To report a power outage please call 1-800-572-1131.  You can view outage information and restoration times here: https://www.nyseg.com/wps/portal/nyseg/outages/reportorviewoutage/viewoutagelist


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