Drag Queen Story Hour Makes Debut at Lewisboro Library Tomorrow, TV Crew Interviewing Locals

News 12 Westchester was outside of Cameron’s Deli in Cross River today interviewing locals about Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) making a debut in Westchester tomorrow.  

The TV crew met up with Ridgefield residents Amy Paige Ciota and her sister Rebecca who were sitting at the picnic tables having lunch. “They wanted my reaction to a drag queen reading to children at a local library,” says Ciota, who told us that the segment aired at about 5:00 evening on News 12 Westchester. You can watch the clip here.

Hosted by Angel Elektra, a drag queen trained by children's librarians at both the Brooklyn Public Library and New York Public Library, DQSH will take place at Lewisboro Library tomorrow, Saturday, July 14. The program is full and no additional registrations are being accepted.

Lewisboro Library says, “A first for Westchester! At the surface this truly colorful event is just what it sounds like: A drag queen reading a story to kids, but it’s more than that, really. It’s celebrating differences and recognizing the commonality between all of us. Plus, it’s just plain fun!”

Angel Elektra has been reading to children with DQSH since July 2017.

Learn more about DQSH here.

*Image courtesy Lewisboro Library


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