School Tax Collection Begins in September - Lewisboro Town Reminder

The Town of Lewisboro recently released the following reminder regarding school taxes:

"The school tax collection begins in September.  Once the tax bills are prepared, they will be mailed out at the end of this month. 

Remember - the bill can be paid in full by September 30, or in the alternative you may pay in two installments with the first being due by September 30, 2014, and the second due by January 31, 2015.

Please bring the entire bill with you when paying in person, or send in the entire bill when paying by mail.  Please make the check out for the EXACT amount due payable to the Receiver of Taxes Deirdre Casper.  And if paying by mail, make certain you witness a timely U.S. Postal Service postmark being affixed to your envelope, especially if paying toward the end of the collection period. 

Thank you."


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