Seen this pup? Please Help


Seen her? Call 203-671-3319 or 203-430-2848

This message was posted hours ago on Facebook. PLEASE keep your eye out for this fast-moving black lab with green collar. Read message below, from owner, Melissa Sawyer:

"Hello neighbors, I need your help please. This is my foster dog. She has only been with us for 6 days. She climbed up our fence and is on the run. She is terrified of people, but not aggressive. She is good with kids and other dogs. Please DO NOT CHASE! She will not let you grab her. She will come close for food. Our only chance is to trap her inside a garage, shed etc. She was last seen wearing the green collar pictured here. She was spotted all day today on Yankee Peddler, Horse Pond rd, New rd, old 79 and on the highway running between exits 61-62 north bound. Animal Control is actively searching and was a tremendous help today. The police department is aware. Please call with any sightings. 
Thanks so much."


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