New Yoga Studio Opening in Madison

Life Full Yoga, a new yoga studio founded by Madison resident Kim Preveza, will open on April 19th, at 20 Wall Street in Madison. The location, behind the Scranton Library in the old post office building, is a beautiful and open space that is ideal for yoga practice.

Offerings will include group and private classes and a mix of yoga styles for both beginners and advanced students. Classes will be adapted to participants' needs and abilities.

Founder Kim Preveza believes yoga can enhance one's whole life and designs yoga sessions to transform body, mind, and spirit. Kim began her certifications in 1998 and has had a life long interest in religion and philosophy. She holds a masters degree in religion from Harvard. 

Special introductory 30-day group class passes will be available. Each class will include yoga poses, breath-work and relaxation. Some classes will include music and use of props. Classes will be taught at a moderate temperature.  A Yoga Book Club and yoga service projects are also in the works.  The new studio will offer a range of inspirational yoga classes with Kim and other teachers.  

"Yoga helps me lead a fuller life with less stress and pain; yoga gives me a life with more focus and joy. I want to share that with others," Kim says.

The first class will be Tuesday April 19th at 6:30.  A grand opening celebration will follow in a few weeks.

For more information or for a class schedule visit the website at www.lifefullyoga.com or contact Kim at 203-350-3616 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editor’s note: If Kim’s name or face seem familiar, you may recognize her from various fundraising events with her daughters, who are the founders of  Childhood Cancer Kids, and who share their knowledge of yoga with others as a useful coping technique for pain and stress associated with cancer.


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