TotalFusion in Harrison is Open!!

One of the great perks of this job is getting to meet and visit all the new businesses in the area and I got the opportunity to check out a great new fitness center called TotalFusion in Harrison this weekend!

While TotalFusion has all of the usual amenities you would expect to see in a fitness center like water, showers, lockers, and essential oil infused towels (yes!) what makes this studio really stand out from the rest is its unique approach to total body fitness. TotalFusion combines two modalities of exercise both aerobic and anaerobic which helps increase cardio vascular health and tighten and tone while triggering endorphins to feel good and have a great time! You begin with cycling and then move upstairs to the studio for the second half of your workout.

There are several different TotalFusion classes including TotalFusion Mind, Body, Rhythm, Energy, Groove and Complete so there is something for everyone at every stage in their fitness and wellness journey. You can also sign up for traditional classes like cycling, barre, and yoga. The studio is bright and airy and the staff was so knowledgeable and accommodating while giving me the grand tour.

Their cycle room has huge flat screens and many bikes and also includes the newest and highest technologies so that workout data can be sent via email to track progress and results for a truly interactive experience. You can find a complete schedule of classes here.

"TotalFusion's mission is to improve our members’ physical fitness level, mental wellness and overall health. We offer a collection of unique and fulfilling classes in an inviting setting. Our classes and programs are created by our elite team of instructors. Getting and staying fit requires dedication, time and effort. It also requires the right environment." -TotalFusion

And here's another great incentive, sign up now and TotalFusion will give you your first three classes FREE!!You can check it all out at their website, TotalFusion Studios

So head over to the new studios located at 347 Halstead Avenue in Harrison in the old A&P shopping center and take the first steps to a better, healthier you!!







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