Skateport Igniting Nostalgia Creativity and Building Community in Bridgeport

Open fire hydrants, Cocolivia 123, Hide and Go Seek, Spades, and Roller Skating at Empire Roller Rink in Crown Heights defined a time when we played outside. Roller Skating is an art form that I never managed to master, but that never stopped me from going to the rink.  

There was something for everyone at Empire Roller Rink, music, food, and your sexual preference.  

A flood of memories sprinted through my mind on my way to the Post Office this morning when I passed the Skateport across the street from Berlinetta Brewing in downtown Bridgeport. 

Skateport was designed to spread and support the culture of roller skating in Connecticut by creating spaces to skate. Seasoned skaters, new skaters, aspiring skaters, and spectators.  If you'd like to lace up your skates and take a stroll down memory lane or create new memories visit the Skateport this weekend.

Submitted by Milford, CT

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