Minute with the Mayor – Milford Food 2 Kids

Mayor Blake is joined by Michelle Steinlauf and Rev. Ashely Grant of the Milford Food 2 Kids initiative to thank the Milford community for their ongoing support.

Milford Food 2 Kids feeds local children who have little or no food resources during the weekend away from School. We are an initiative of the First United Church of Christ, Milford, in collaboration with the Connecticut Food Bank, The Milford Bank, and in partnership with our Schools and a growing number of Milford's caring community.  

Milford Food 2 Kids strives to alleviate food insecurity among children and youth in our community. Food security impacts the well-being of children: physical, emotional and social health as well as their ability to learn. Since we are passionate about making sure that children have the resources they need to thrive, we have reached out to meet this local need.

Milford Food 2 Kids serves over 160 students from 15 schools.  

School system social workers select the students that receive food each week on a degree of need basis. The students are anonymous to us. But we see all of these children and youth as our neighbors! With your help, we are able to purchase food, pack food bags on Thursdays and deliver to the schools on Fridays to be discretely distributed to students. 

Learn more https://www.milfordfood2kids.org/ 


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