Christ Presbyterian Church in Milford Hosts First Anniversary Celebration on Saturday!

Christ Presbyterian Church, Milford is hosting a First Anniversary Celebration and invites singles, couples, families and kids to join in a brief ribbon-cutting-type ceremony this Saturday!

Careful protocols determined by the health department will be followed (please wear a mask if you wish to participate).  Because of the pandemic there can't be an in-person reception, so they will send participants home with individually packaged hot cocoa packets & cookies to go!

Scheduled to begin Saturday, February 27, from 2:00-2:15pm at the Fowler Rotary Pavilion (behind the Milford Public Library at 1 Shipyard Ln., Milford.

Christ Presbyterian Church, Milford is a new, local church whose mission is to create community, provide stability, bring reconciliation, and love our city well.

For more information, visit http://www.cpcmilford.org/first-anniversary-celebration or https://fb.me/e/h0vv7cgbi



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