Milford Library Presents: Stories From the Attic, Found Films and Classic TV via Zoom on January 19

Milford Library is pleased to welcome Urban Archeologist Greg Van Antwerp on January 19 at 7pm via Zoom.  

Greg Van Antwerp has been on the hunt for hidden history, traveling throughout CT and New York bringing to light some stories that have never been told. Reels of film, some at the edge of decay, are being freed from their attic hiding places to reveal a moving review of the past. Don’t miss this humorous and educational look at days gone by. 

-See world renowned band leader  Skitch Henderson take on a 400 pound tiger who is sitting on his piano in this early 60’s children’s TV show - that never aired! 

-Did Coca-Cola really have a problem working with the Devil as they tried to market Fresca in the 1970’s?  And How could a cast member from “Seinfeld” play the bad guy?

-Watch the home movies of the late great playwright, Steven Sondheim. Greg watched them with Mr Sondheim - so should you. 

-Can an animated Holiday special be so bad the biggest communications company in the country would only air it once and never again? 

-Why does a 1975 commercial with Bill Cosby seem as though he’s had it up to “here” with kids? 

The answer to all these questions can be seen in this new presentation from the master of Urban Archeology. Greg Van Antwerp has the wit and wisdom to rescue the past, share what’s important and leave you with a smile on your face and a sense of fascination for what has come before us.

This program is free and all are invited to this Zoom presentation. For registration information, please visit www.milfordlibrary.org


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