The Orchards Golf Season is Underway

Golfer’s delight!

For those who enjoy golfing, or who are interested in trying either competitively or for recreational purposes, The Orchards offers a variety of activities, to meet the needs of any player, specific to their ability and needs.

For those looking to start their own league, a 12 player minimum is required, and signup and/or questions can be discussed with Karen, who is located in the clubhouse. On Sundays, a separate league is offered, sign-ups also found in the clubhouse.

To meet the needs of every player, those who work late and need a more flexible schedule for golfing times are invited to enjoy the twilight rate; which includes a six-hole course, and later availabilities for playing.

“It’s in beautiful shape, open to the public, and there’s all kinds of activities,” says Golf Commission Chairman Richard Austin, who also adds that the park is “well-used” and truly a nice place to relax, have fun, and find time to golf.

Aside from adults, kids are welcome to the course, as well. The junior gulf league starts Monday, June 19, and runs through Monday, August 14, and invites younger players to enjoy a pizza party, as well as a logo tee shirt, a golf towel, and hat, and of course, golfing!  The nine week program allows younger players to learn, practice, and compete with others of the same age. To become a part of this program, players must go to the club house and sign-up.

For beginners, there is also an educational session that supplies new golfers with the necessary introduction to the game of golf. This includes two ½ hour lessons with a professional golfer, as well as 2 rounds of golf, for $75.

Any questions or for more information, players and interested parties may contact The Orchards Golf Course at (203) 877-8200.


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