One Bottle Found: One Yet to be Found

During a walk at Long Beach in Stratford I found an unexpected treasure.  Laying at the high tide line was a bottle sealed with a cork and a note rolled up inside! 

My first reaction was not to just open it, but to share the experience. I walked over to three people and showed them the bottle, Their reaction was “Are you really going to share this with us?”

 We read that Luca Fusco, a 9 year old boy in Fairfield assembled the bottle.  Luca wrote, “I wanted to see where this bottle ends up…. Keep the stuff I put in there.  Have a nice day.”

   I emailed Luca.  He replied “ I am so glad that you found it … Me and my dad had a fun time making the bottle and we are glad that you had fun finding it.“

Luca’s mom said, “Luca just woke up that morning and was determined to send a bottle. Who knew it would turn into something so special! “

 In this electronically driven world, hearing about a boy who spends free time without technology is inspiring. 

 Following Luca’s lead I added a second message to the bottle and returned it to the water at Long Beach. 

 The bottle is yet to be found.  Will the finder be you?

Nina Lesiga [www. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] is a coach in the field of solo travel and personal discoveryat every age. Photos by James Russo www.james-russo.net


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