Milford Progress, Inc. Decks out Downtown for the Holidays

Milford Progress, Inc. (MPI), an organization made up of business and community members dedicated to economic development in the City of Milford, has decked out downtown for the holidays with new planters and wreaths to adorn sidewalks and utility poles. The planters currently hold small evergreen trees, which will be replaced with spring bulbs following the winter season.

Chairman of MPI, John Knuff, said “economic development is very much about quality of life; aesthetics is a part of that and ultimately drives economic growth. People want to be in and live in beautiful places.  This is why we cut our lawns and decorate our homes, which increase property values.  Our downtown is a polished gem - a showcase for Milford - so we added some details to make it that much more festive and appealing.”

This project is a culmination of efforts with the Downtown Milford Business Association (DMBA) to improve business, as well as to enhance the experience of our residents and visitors alike. MPI, in tandem with the City of Milford and other organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life and business in the City, will continue to work on beautification efforts along with multi-modal options, wayfinding, tourism and more.

(From L-R, Dan Rascoll, DMBA Representative, Brian Lema (MPI), Harriet Haggerty (MPI), Buddy Prete (MPI) MPI members missing from the picture are John Knuff, Ray Macaluso, Gary Mullin, Ginny Kozlowski, Tina DeNapoles, Glenn Beck, Rich Conine, Scott Moulton, Vincent Averaimo & Steve Spector)


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