Free Tai Chi Class for Veterans at VA Hospital in West Haven

Free Tai Chi Class for Veterans at VA Hospital in West Haven 

In remembrance of Veterans Day, Aiping Tai Chi Center, southern Connecticut’s largest Tai Chi school based in Orange, will be offering a free Tai Chi demonstration and class for US military veterans.  The class will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2019 from 2:00 -3:00pm at the Veterans Hospital, 950 Campbell Ave. in West Haven (Building 2/Patient and Family Education Room) and is open to all. No registration required.

"As a Marine Veteran I have always sought a way to cope with my issues on my own terms. This journey led me to martial arts where I discovered the practice and philosophy of Taijiquan. Practicing Taiji over the years has helped me to find a place of peace and balance,” says Mike Johnson, Aiping Tai Chi Center student.  “It has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level, giving me more tools to deal with life and the additional stress of being a combat vet."

Aiping Tai Chi Center co-director and instructor Shirley Chock offers the free class for veterans every year as a way to pay respect and show appreciation for their service and sacrifice.

According to Chock, “My grandparents raised me in Taiwan when I was a child. My grandfather fought two wars in China: first against the Japanese invasion and then against the communist revolution. My sense of discipline and respect was greatly shaped by my grandfather's military background.”

Research shows that Tai Chi can have beneficial impact on both physical and mental health. For more information about the class or Tai Chi, visit facebook.com/aipingtaichi.


The Aiping Tai Chi Center based at 518 Boston Post Road in Orange, uses traditional teaching methods to provide students with the deepest understanding of tai chi. Founded in 1996, hundreds of students have trained at the Center in both traditional and contemporary Chinese martial arts. Learn more at our website: https://www.aiping-taichi.com/



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