St. Mary School, Milford, Iowa Standardized Test Results Show Remarkable Growth

Despite such an unusual year, St. Mary School's Iowa Standardized Test results showed remarkable growth. Grades 3-7 took the test in the spring, and a review of the scores for each grade level showed a general 2+ grade level for most students.

For example, many grade 5 students are at grade 7 or better grade level in several tested areas. Students thrived despite all the COVID protocols that were in place. St. Mary School did a wonderful job providing consistent learning throughout the year by being in the classrooms full time. There are also several 5th and 6th grade students at grade 13+ abilities in many areas.

St. Mary School is located at 72 Gulf Street in Milford and is currently accepting applications, visit www.saintmaryschoolmilford.org.


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