City of Milford Distribution of COVID-19 At-Home Rapid Test Kits to Vulnerable Populations

Yesterday, the City of Milford announced that the Health Department is working with area groups and organizations to provide a limited supply of COVID-19 At-Home Rapid Test Kits targeted towards vulnerable populations and homebound residents. 

As the number of kits that are available is limited at this time, this allocation is intended for Milford residents who may be experiencing symptoms and/or had recent exposure to an individual who is positive for COVID-19. 

The Milford Health Department is working with the following agencies to provide a limited allocation of at home test kits:

  • Beth El Center
  • Milford Redevelopment & Housing Partnership (MRHP)
  • River Park Elderly Housing Management
  • Sara Nor Housing
  • Milford Senior Center
  • Milford Meals on Wheels program (through Milford Senior Center)
  • Local Daycare Centers

Per the CDC recommendations, if your self-test yields a positive result, please stay home or isolate and wear a mask.  There is no need to obtain a follow up PCR test.  Given the highly infectious nature of the Omicron variant and the increase in cases locally, it is most important to get vaccinated if you haven’t been vaccinated, get a booster if you are eligible, wear a mask both in public spaces and when interacting in close contact with individuals outside of your household, and stay home if you are sick.