5 Questions With David Mainiero, Owner Of Milkcraft

all-natural small-batch ice creamery, featuring liquid nitrogen mixers, opened its doors in Fairfield a little over a year ago to great acclaim! Ice cream lovers from near and far quickly flocked to Milkcraft to catch the sweet buzz - and they returned, over and over. Yes, it was all that. 

HamletHub sat down with David Mainiero, owner of Milkcraft, to ask him a few (well, five) questions. Here's the scoop:

Why did you start this business? Why did you pick that niche?

We worked on the Milkcraft Brand diligently with our 100 years of food service background to create a brand that would answer today's needs of health and tastes to bring the ice cream industry out of the dark ages.

What is the most popular product you offer?

Smore’s Bubblecone®

What was your biggest surprise after entering the food industry?

Attention to 1000's of details at once.

How long was the longest line you had since opening last year?

2.8 hours 600 persons

Is there anything you wish I asked?

No, very good questions. Thanks.

Milkcraft is located at 1215 Post Road in Fairfield. Visit their Facebook Page HERE.



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