Milford Economic Development Commission Appoints New Chair

Milford’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) appointed Michael Crowley, Chairman, for the 2019-2020 year.  Michael succeeds Michael Lynch whom ended his successful term in February 2019.  It is the mission of the EDC to communicate and collaborate with businesses, community organizations and City departments to improve workforce development, quality of life, and community with the goal of attracting people and business through sustainable means.  

The EDC comprises seven community members with 3 – 4 years terms appointed by the Board of Aldermen. Currently serving in addition to Crowley and Lynch are Vice Chair, Gregory Harla, Albert W Franke III, Jessica Stram, Ani Chaghatzbaniani, and John T. DePalma.

Crowley says, “Each year we build on the success of our predecessors. This year we have a four point strategy to; 1. utilize development and foster economic growth in the downtown area which has the  potential to expand the tax base while decreasing the burden on businesses and residents 2. engage new audiences by organizing workshops and speaking events where local businesses can connect with our citizenry and build opportunities for all 3. delineate a clear path of economic development infrastructure, creating a cohesive strategy between all organizations with the commission acting as the connector 4. invite potential new businesses and developments to stop at EDC before presenting to boards and commissions so we can support prospects through the sometimes complicated regulatory process. ” 

With these focus areas in mind the committee is pursuing city wide enhancements through new business development, harbor & waterfront enrichment, tourism and beautification . We look forward to some new business announcements in the future but have already added a new tour with FitStyle with Shana. Shana will start tours sometime this summer downtown. More info at www.fitystlewithshana.com. The first in a series of workshops and speakers includes a stop at Milford Photo hosted with the Milford Regional Chamber of Commerce to offer new LinkedIn photos and a review on April 25th from 8 a.m.-10a.m. Stay tuned for the next event in our series in June. Lastly, EDC established a quarterly economic development roundtable which brings together all city related economic development organizations, from arts to education, to give updates, discuss status and offer assistance. The next of these quarterly meetings will be held in June.

The EDC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at noon in the Parson’s Government Center all meetings are open and welcome to the public.



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