Message from Mayor Ben Blake Regarding 2021-2022 City of Milford Budget

For the sixth consecutive year, Milford taxpayers will see a decrease in the amount of local taxes due. On Wednesday night, the Board of Aldermen adopted the Mayor’s budget reducing taxes for fiscal year 2021-2022. Milford’s mill rate, already lower than our neighboring communities, will be reduced even further to 27.65 mills - cutting taxes for all residents and businesses.

After a very long, strange, socially distant year, our City is now battle-tested by the unknown and ready for new challenges that lie ahead. Milford’s attention remains the well-being of our families and the health of our community.

While we continue to focus on what is safest, soundest, and best for our residents, we should all be comforted knowing that we have such an exceptional group of dedicated individuals who serve. Milford’s essential employees have a long history of going the extra mile and doing whatever it takes to ensure municipal government delivers the highest level of services. These local heroes have maintained the critical functions necessary to support our citizens’ needs throughout the pandemic - our community remains stable with a renewed commitment to keeping everyone safe. 

While new Covid-19 challenges reverberate, Milford has been able to prudently streamline its operations. This focus on efficiency has paid dividends with Milford realizing tax cuts for residents and businesses for each of the past six consecutive years. Milford taxpayers have experienced back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back decreases in the amount of local taxes due since 2016 – an unprecedented achievement, never-before-seen in Connecticut.

This 2021-2022 budget builds on past successes and establishes a solid framework for yet another responsible fiscal year. This financial plan holds spending increases to a minimum while fully funding core municipal functions like Education Operations.

Moreover, the Sewer User Fee, that funds the City’s wastewater utility, experienced yet another significant reduction. The annual fee decreased by $14.40 and now stands at $302.16.

Overall, this 2021-2022 budget reflects a strong foundation for Milford's future as we care for the health of each Milford citizen in the Small City with a Big Healthy Heart. Mask-up. Space-out. Wash-up. Stay safe!