Milford Police Breach of Peace Arrest

On November 12, 2017, at approximately 4:45pm Milford Police responded to a Home Acres residence on the report of a noise complaint.

As officers arrived they observed the resident John Katrick (W/M, 47) 112 Home Acres Avenue, listening to music in his driveway and appearing to act irrationally.

Officers yelled to Katrick to turn the music down, but due to the volume Katrick did not hear and officers needed to get closer to again give the request. Upon Katrick observing the officers he yelled for them to get off his property or he would “bring Satan to their souls”, which he repeated several times. Officers again asked Katrick to lower the volume at which point Katrick got into his vehicle and drove it in the direction of the officers.

Before striking the officers with the vehicle, Katrick turned and drove over a neighbor’s lawn eventually coming to rest in the rear of his own yard, 112 Home Acres Avenue.

Katrick then attempted to elude apprehension by hiding in a garage and was subsequently tasered in-order for officers to gain control of him.

Katrick is charged with the following: Breach of Peace 2nd Criminal Attempt/ Assault on a Police Officer Criminal Mischief 2nd Katrick was held on a $3,000 bond to appear in Milford Court on November 13, 2017


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